Sacramento Noon Net Picnic - September 27, 2020

East Portal Park, Sacramento - 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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Sacramento Noon Net

The Noon Net is a directed net in two parts. Part One is the Amateur Emergency Net for stations representing agencies and organizations with Amateur emergency communications units. Part Two is a General Net with club announcements, numbered stations and visitors. The Noon Net was established in 1981 as a public service by the Sacramento Amateur Radio Club. The purpose of this net is to coordinate information of interest to Amateur Radio Operators, who provide emergency communications for federal, state, county and city governments; as well as various public service organizations. The Noon Net affords these stations a daily opportunity to pass along news and information.

SARC wishes to thank all of the Net Controls for the hard work and dedication they have put into the Noon Net.

Net Managers


Gary, WA6TQJ

Assistant Manager:

Steve, KC6MHT

Daily Net Controls




Jerry, KG6TEN


Lee, W6LFR


Debbi, AD6BT


Charlie, N6JOA
Pam, N6OLO


Doug, KK6LDS


Gary, WA6TQJ

Alternate Net Controls

Wes, WS6Z

Bill, WV6J

Steve, KC6MHT

Mary, KI6YPQ

Heather, KK6POX

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